Q: What's up with your tagline (love. click. publish.)? Is it really that simple?

A: Yep. Absolutely. At Romanced by the Cover, we want you to fall in love with your book--you've worked hard on it! (And we should know, we're writers, too!) All you have to do is scroll through our gallery of premade covers. Fall in love. Click to purchase. Publish your book.

Q: What's a premade cover? And how can you sell them at such an outrageously affordable price? 

A: A premade cover is just that: a ready-made cover that, with a few alterations, fits you perfectly.

Think of it like that killer pair of designer shoes you find on clearance. You spot. You fall in love. You buy...and sometimes you add a little gel cushion thingie to make them jussssst right. (And nobody will know you didn't pay big designer prices.)

Q: I love XYZ cover, but I want the woman to have pink hair because my heroine dyes it in chapter two. Can you do that?

A: Let's talk. Email me before purchasing your cover and we'll see what can be done with that particular image. (Also note: any changes to the cover beyond initial changes--substituting your title/author name with the sample text--will incur a fee that must be paid before the custom alterations begin.)

Q: Who's that hot dude? Do you do your own photography--and can I get his number from you?

A: We purchase (with the appropriate license) stock images at various stock photography sites. You might have seen that hot dude on the cover of a NY or indie published book before--we all use the same sites. But since the Romanced by the Cover design process includes fresh text layouts and/or textures and/or creating cover composites from multiple stock images...and of course our signature style...your cover is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Sorry, I'm fresh out of hot models' phone numbers.

Q: Do I own the stock image? And is there anything else I should know?

A: You will own the rights to the cover you purchase from us--the cover becomes exclusively yours. We will never sell that particular cover again* and we will do our best to avoid using the stock image(s) in another product.

As for your book cover, upload it and watch those babies fly off the shelves! You may sell up to 500,000 copies (that's half a million, whoa!) of your book without worrying about a single thing. Once you hit that threshold, however, we will need to talk about an Enhanced License.

*Please note: we may display the final product on our website/portfolio at our discretion.

Q: I don't see a checkout button. How do I buy my cover?

A: Fill out the form on Order Your Cover. Once we receive it, we'll email an invoice for the cover--and any accessories you might wish to add. Just click on the link to pay (with any major credit card which is totally secure through the Square invoicing system), and ta-daaaa.

Q: I bought a cover I loved...and now I don't love it anymore. Is there anything I can do?

A: All sales are final. But if you buy a premade cover and decide it's just not right for your book*, let us know within a reasonable amount of time and we'll be happy to make some minor changes so it works for your next project.

*provided you haven't published or publicized the original cover. No double dipping, friends.

Q: I love the look of your covers, but nothing is quiiiiiiiiiite right for the novel of my heart. Do you do custom work?

A: We can take on a select number of custom clients depending on our schedule and the client's needs. Please email to discuss projects and pricing.

Q: Why only romance covers?

A: Dropping the royal we here for just a minute: because that's what I like. I'm a voracious romance reader and have watched covers and craft evolve for decades. And I'm a writer, too, so I live, eat, sleep, and breathe market research--I see what's hot and what works...and what I'd like to see when I'm adding to my TBR.

I happen to like books with kissing. But if you see one of my premade covers that you want for your western space opera, by all means, click it! Genre suggestions are just that: suggestions.

Q: How'd you get started?

A: I've been designing graphics and things for my friends and for me (plus a few private clients) for years. When I offered to create a quickie design for Jodie Griffin's free holiday short Sleigh Bells Ring, she asked me why I didn't have a website. That was a good question, so I created Romanced by the Cover.

Q: Who's the royal we behind all the covers? 

A: (If all the pink on the site didn't give it away...) My Romanced by the Cover alter-ego is contemporary romance writer Alexandra Haughton.